Expert Answers

Although acupuncture is safe for children, most young children would never sit still long enough to have the needles inserted into them. A more effective form of treatment for children is to stimulate the same acupuncture points with either pressure or a laser. The pressure and laser are very effective at addressing digestive issues such as colic or constipation, allergies, calming a unsettled baby or child, cerebral palsy and other motor impairment conditions.
An Acupuncturist can offer a safe and effective treatment for many of the common discomforts associated with a pregnancy. During the first trimester, acupuncture can reduce nausea and vomiting, fatigue, anxiety, constipation. It can also help to prevent miscarriages, particularly if someone has a history of repeated miscarriages. During the second trimester, acupuncture can eliminate aches and pains that appear due to changing posture and shifts in weight. Much research has been done to show that acupuncture is effective in eliminating pelvic pain, sciatica, low back and upper back tension, and headaches. Finally, in the third trimester, acupuncture can turn breech and posterior babies, prepare the body for labor and naturally induce labor.
Between the weeks of 28 – 32 of your pregnancy, most babies turn into the head down position. Once they have turned, they usually stay in this position because their head is the heaviest part of their body. However, some babies want to be close to their mommy's heart so we find them in the breech presentation

Acupuncture and moxibustion have been studied and shown to be an effective way to gently encourage the baby to turn into the head down position. The treatment changes the mother's hormonal levels which causes the baby to increase its movements. These treatments are most effective when preformed at 32 weeks because there is still a lot of room for the baby to move.

Moxibustion treatment is the burning of herbs over acupuncture points, using heat to activate the points. A trained practitioner of Chinese Medicine will teach you how to use the moxa and will recommend to do these treatments daily until the baby turns.
During the course of a pregnancy you are constantly nurturing your baby with your love, energy (Qi) and nutrition. During the postpartum period you give anything you have left while breastfeeding, figuring out how the diapers work, and oogling over the cuteness of your baby. It is not surprising that may have the baby blues, you have been totally zapped of your Qi.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are a safe and gentle treatment to help restore balance within your body. It is an individualized treatment based on your signs and symptoms that is preformed weekly. For women that have postpartum depression, results are often felt after 1-2 treatments, however it is recommend that you continue with treatments for 6 to 8 weeks.