Prevent Miscarriage

It is thought that one in three pregnancies miscarries; some women do not even realize they are pregnant. The causes of miscarriage include nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, infection, anatomical problems of the uterus and cervix, exposure to harmful substances, maternal age and autoimmune or chromosomal fetal disorders. Symptoms of a threatened miscarriage are backache, abdominal cramping, and pain resembling period pains, spotting or bleeding.

Tips to cope with a threatened miscarriage:

- Avoid alcohol
- Avoid caffeine

- Avoid hot baths
- Do not smoke
- Get plenty of rest

Diet and Nutrition

- Take a multivitamin every day. Vitamin E and selenium may help prevent miscarriage.
- If you are bleeding, eat iron rich foods to prevent anemia

Complementary Treatments

Acupuncture - increases blood flow to embryo (Vancouver miscarriage acupuncture with Dr. Spence Pentland)

Reiki - encourages a sense of deep relaxation

- for a steady loss of bright red blood, cramping abdominal pain, weakness and nausea, Ipecac. 30c
- for stitching pains that begin in the back and spread to the front, Kali. Carb. 30c
- For intermittent loss of dark red blood which becomes more profuse, Pulsatilla 30c

- Lavender - to promote relaxation

Western Herbalism
- false unicorn root
- ginger
- black haw