Sleeping difficulties are common during pregnancy and lead to fatigue during the day. In early pregnancy low blood sugar levels as a results from hunger and nausea may cause insomnia. As pregnancy progresses many women are unable to relax fully in bed due to general discomfort, leg cramps, or worry about the baby. Symptoms include difficulty in falling asleep, restless unrefreshed sleep with periods of awakeness and fatigue and irritability during day

Key Tips on coping with sleeplessness:

- Relax before bed - create nighttime rituals i.e. drink tea, light candle, avoid mental stimulation
- Try to get regular exercise each day

Diet and Nutrition

- Vitamin B6,
- Ensure blood sugar levels do not fall during the night, eat a small snack before bedtime
- Eat a substantial lunch and a light supper
- Eat calcium and magnesium rich foods

Complimentary Treatments


- Burn Lemon, Mandarin, or Lavender.
- Apply Lavender to bed linen, bath, or carrier oil for massage

Western Herbalism
- Chamomile tea, Lemon Balm Tea